CERACOAL born in 1994 started to produce high grade cookware and has been trying to develop the highest performance nonstick cookware combined with a large range of sizes, shapes, and raw materials. Now we become one of top cookware manufacturers in South Korea and are meeting the demand and has been extending out business to all over the world.

Die casting process is a high technology for producing aluminum cookware by forcing molten aluminum alloy under high pressure into a mold cavity. Unlike cast iron, cast aluminum cookware is ultra lighweight, 1/3 weight of cast iron. It is much easier to handle from the hob to the oven to the table. Ergonomic designed cookware allows for efficiently even heat distribution. Our cookware offers the most innovative assortment of designs, shapes and perfect finishes.
NANOSTONE ceramic coating is an organic ceramic coating which is based on minerals such as stone and sand. It orginally comes from nature and has environmentally friendly characteristics and excellent properties. The coating has the highest rating in non-stick release performance in the world and contain Non PTFE and PFOA for healthy cookware. Superior nonstick performance, extreme durability, corrosion resistance and all will satisfy you to use.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about CERACOAL products. TEL. +82 31 791 9055 Email. ceracoal@ceracoal.co.kr


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