Care and Instructions

Before using the pans, please check out our care and use instructions

Before the first use

Please you should rinse your new pan and dry it off.

First Use

Use less oil when cooking for the first time to extend the coating life.

Please avoid heating empty which may damage the coating surface.

Aluminum pans allows cooking with medium heat


Please do not use steel wood or abrasive cleansers which contain sand or the abrasive side of sponges

We recommend that you use wooden, plastic or silicone Kitchen utensils.


Keep it clean when not in use

Do not store salty food in cookware to prevent coating damage


Pans with bakelite handles must not be used in the oven

Pans with the integrated handle are ideal for use in the oven, but thermal gloves have to be used because the handles may be very hot.


Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of hot cookware.


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